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Posted on: February 5, 2018

Steele County Clothesline to provide free clothing

Steele County Clothesline

The Steele County Clothesline has had the privilege of serving Steele County since 1963.  Our mission has been to provide free clothing and small household items to Steele County residents in need.  We strongly believe in our mission and it remains our focus and our priority, however, times have changed in the last 54 years and we believe we can do more- more for our existing clients and to those people who don’t quite qualify for assistance.  WE CAN HELP MORE PEOPLE.

After much research, dialogue, and consideration, we at the Clothesline will be implementing the following in 2018:

Stage 1:  January 2018-February 2018

•Clients will be EMPOWERED to make their own choices, deciding what they need versus the Clothesline telling them what they qualify for and what they need.
•Starting in January, the Clothesline will move from a points system to a dollar system.  All items will be given a dollar amount.  Clients will also be given a “dollar amount” consistent with the previous point system.  Clients will continue to DEVELOP their SKILL sets in managing and balancing their budgets and what they need.  This information will be communicated to clients during the annual registration process.

Stage 2:  March 2018-April 2018

•Clients will be able to use their allotted “dollar amount” and once that is spent they are welcome to buy items at the store with their own money.  Clients will continue to have the opportunity to maximize their dollars INDEPENDENTLY or with assistance from staff.

Stage 3:  May 2018-June 2018

•The clients will continue with the process described in Stage 2, however, there will be a soft opening of the Clothesline to the community.  We are dedicated as Executive Director, board, and staff to providing an environment that fosters DIGNITY AND RESPECT.  The broader goal is to serve more individuals in the community by providing affordable clothing and household items to those people that previously didn’t qualify.

Stage 4:  July 2018

•The doors of the Clothesline will officially be open to everyone regardless of life circumstances, income, or qualification requirements.  The goal is to BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER and continue to build a strong community of INCLUSIVENESS, CONNECTEDNESS, and SUPPORT.  

Again, after much research, dialogue, and consideration, we believe these new adjustments in programming will give us the opportunity to support Steele County for another 54 years.  We recognize that change can cause anxiety.  We invite you to ask questions and offer feedback throughout the various stages.

How can you help as a community partner?  Please support the clients and this message through this change.  We want this transition to go as smoothly as possible for them.

As a community member, we welcome your donations (i.e. time, clothing, household items, monetary, etc.) and by mid-year, we invite you to shop with us!  

The Team of the Steele County Clothesline

Address: 155 Oakdale St, Owatonna, MN 55060

Phone:  (507) 451-2550

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